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Our History

This year will be the 5th time that we are running the annual Youth Ministry Conference. The confrence was the brainchild of our founder Christie and has grown to be run by people from 7 different churches with a variety of speakers from all backgrounds and experiences. We thank the Lord for the way that the conference has grown and pray that He will continue to use the conference to equip those He has called to ministry!

Below is a timeline of our previous conferences over the years:

August 2015

'Sharpen the Axe'

Our conference history starts with our 'Sharpen the Axe' conference which was hosted at Randfontein Baptist Church. The theme centred around training yourself as a youth worker and making sure that you are equipped for the ministry that you are in. With the conference being a success, we decided that we needed to run the conference on an annual basis to train youth workers and also to create a place where all youth workers on the West Rand can get together and interact.

August 2016


In 2016 we hosted our second conference with the theme #Transformed which centred around Romans 12:2. We wanted to change the mindset around youth ministry and 'transform' the minds of those in it. We wanted youth workers to see youth ministry the way the Bible does and not the way the world does - as just another ministry. We emphasised the way that we need to transform our ministries to be able to reach the next generation of youth.

August 2017

'Spirit Filled'

'Spirit Filled' launched our biggest conference to date by equipping people on how to have the Holy Spirit envolved in their ministries. With an amazing key note by Ps. Mark Tittley as well as exceptional guest speakers covering the various aspects of ministry, 'Spirit Filled' inspired many to the ministry they are doing! 

March 2018


After the decision to move the conference to the start of the year, we hosted the Equip 2018 conference at AFM Noordheuwel. Our aim was to take youth worker training to the next level by bringing practical training and equipping that can be put into practice every day in ministry. The conference was a great success with many practical steps being learnt about different aspects of ministry.

March 2019

'From Led to Lead'

In 2019 we tackled the topics of Leadership and from moving from being led by others in your ministry to leading others in theirs. With topics such as discipleship, media, and spiritual gifting, it was a blessed event where much was learnt by all that attended.

TBA 2020


In 2020 we want to bring the topic of connection in Youth Ministry to the masses. We would like to focus on what it means to be connected to God in ministry, what it means to connect with youth in order to relate to them, as well as what connections are unhealthy and what connections will help you in your ministry.

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