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Our Vision

Around the West Rand and general Gauteng area we have noticed that recently there have been no youth ministry conferences or workshops aimed specifically at youth ministry. Workshops and conferences are there to equip leaders, volunteers and all ministry workers for the ministry to which they are called. A conference or workshop creates an enviroment where people can come together and share fresh ideas as well as inspire each other for ministry. Therefore, we decided to take the initiative and unite with other churches to bring the Youth Ministry Conference to life.

Our vision comprises of the following 6 parts:

In the field of youth ministry we find that there is a void that has occurred in the form of a lack of training and mentorship for youth pastors. We have notices that youth workers do not receive the training and mentorship that is needed. Often times, the ministry is handed over but no ministry experience or advise is shared and many youth pastors crash and leave the ministry.

The Youth Ministry Conference is there to equip and train all youth ministry workers whether they be volunteers, leaders or youth pastors. This training is exclusive to youth ministry but can also be used in all areas of ministry. We aim to bring in experienced youth ministry workers to put tools in our hands to better equip us for our ministry. In order to equip, we also want to make many resources available for youth workers to draw from.

We want to keep connects. The Youth Ministry Conference gives us the opportunity to meet other people in youth ministry. Remember that no man is an island. We are there to encourage and be there for one another and share in the joys and hardships of ministry. When we stay connected, we can help do ministry together and if one church is hosting and event we can join and help one another to spread the gospel.

We want youth pastors to stay connected and share in their struggles with youth ministry. To encourage one another and share ministry resources and partner up for ministry. We want youth pastors to befriend and mentor one another and share in each others experience's in ministry.

The youth rally takes place on the Friday night before the Saturday conference. The rally is there to bring all youth groups together in worship and fellowship as well as to inspire people to be involved in ministry and encourage those who are struggling. We also use the Friday Youth Rally as a salvation event to invite youth to commit their lives to the Lord.

Part of the vision of the Youth Ministry Conference is to form a youth pastors fraternal on the West Rand where we can meet and encourage one another at least once a month. We also hope to work together on events and to inform of one another of upcoming events.

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